Award Winning The Little World Residential

Jing Kai Yang Presents The The Little World Residential

Jing Kai Yang, the project leader of the displayed work Residential by Jing Kai Yang demonstrates, In the era of extravagant housing prices,small-space apartment can often be seen in cities.In addition, meeting the needs of homeowners.Their are a DIN <Cropped>

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Jiaxing City Logo System Design Competition 2020

Logo System For Jiaxing City! Total Prize Is Up to ¥120, 000a City Must Have Its Own Characteristics, Its Own Culture, Its Own Features, and Its Own Brands ... These Comprehensive Manifestations Are to Be Reflected Through a Personalized Logo. This Is Wha

Logo system for jiaxing city! total prize is up to ¥120,000A city must have its own characteristics, its own culture, its own features, and its own brands ... these comprehensive manifestations are to be reflected through a personalized logo. this i <Cropped>

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Bolgrad Brandy Xo by Valerii Sumilov

Valerii Sumilov Reveals The Bolgrad Brandy Xo Brandies Label

Valerii Sumilov, the project leader of the awarded design Brandies Label by Valerii Sumilov explicates, There are different major leaders on the alcohol market in Ukraine. On of them is the Bolgrad company. Its alcoholic products have been always sto <Cropped>

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Cosmetic Appliances by Karolis Bakunas-Entech Group

Karolis Bakunas-Entech Group Shares The Technokosmeda 5000x Cosmetic Appliances

Karolis Bakunas - Entech Group, the creator of the award winning project Karolis Bakunas - Entech Group's Technokosmeda 5000X Cosmetic appliances spells out, Clear shapes, accomplishment of metal and plastic combination are definitions of ultras <Cropped>

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Research and Development by Paulo Brazil E. Sant Anna

Paulo Brazil E. Sant Anna Presents The Technology Center Research and Development

Paulo Brazil E. Sant Anna, the architect of the highlighted work Research and Development:Technology Center by Paulo Brazil E. Sant Anna illustrates, The architectonic project of the Technology Center has as guideline the integration of the architect <Cropped>

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Tyto Alba by Rita Rivotti Wine Branding & Design

Rita Rivotti Wine Branding & Design Presents The Tyto Alba Wine Packaging

Rita Rivotti Wine Branding & Design , the thinktank behind the highlighted work Wine Packaging by Rita Rivotti Wine Branding & Design demonstrates, Companhia das Lezírias is a great example of respecting nature and protecting species, suppor <Cropped>

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Restaurant by Mujie Design Co., Ltd

Mujie Design Co., Ltd. Discloses The in Stock Fun Kitchen Restaurant

MUJIE Design Co.,Ltd., the designer of the award winning work Restaurant by MUJIE Design Co.,Ltd. explains, In Stock Fun Kitchen occupies two of five joined two-story street houses. Well- preserved carving wall and close lightly pebble surface. Dinin <Cropped>

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Nurim Circuit by Design+architecture & Rrc

Design+architecture & Rrc Designs The Nurim Circuit Elevated Boardwalk

Design+Architecture & RRC, the creative mind behind the highlighted design Nurim Circuit - Elevated Boardwalk by Design+Architecture & RRC points out, Collaborative design effort between local consultants. Snake-like curvature boardwalk in a <Cropped>

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Land Art Generator Initiative 2020: Design The Future of Fly Ranch

Land Art Generator Initiative and Burning Man Project Have Partnered to Launch a Multi-Disciplinary Design Challenge—lagi 2020 Fly Ranch—that Will Create The Foundational Infrastructure of Fly Art Generator Initiative and Burning Man Projec

Land art generator initiative and burning man project have partnered to launch a multi-disciplinary design challenge—lagi 2020 fly ranch—that will create the foundational infrastructure of fly ranch.Land art generator initiative and burning man p <Cropped>

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Residence by Teng-Syu Tseng

Teng-Syu Tseng Designs The Core Residence

Teng-Syu Tseng, the author of the award winning project Core - Residence by Teng-Syu Tseng explains, This project is of approximately 264 square meters, adjacent to a green parkland, as the designer adopted open-plan to bring in exterior light and vi <Cropped>

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